Teens in Transition

Teens in Transition

Age Group: 16-21 – Grand Rapids, MN

Teens in Transition is an incentive, community based program that introduces independent living skills, while living in a structured home-style setting.

Youth involved in this program work with professional staff, and have an individualized case plan to support treatment and personal goals.

Additional Information

Department of Corrections Residential Programming for Boys
(Grand Rapids, MN)

Our gender-specific programming for boys in the Grand Rapids area is in partnership with Department of Corrections. Youth in this program are referred by a county worker, probation officer, or court order.


  • County Pay
  • Not in primary need of chemical dependency or suicide intervention
  • Preferred open delinquency file, but not required

Contact Information

To make a referral to the Boy’s Teens in Transition, call:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 322-4132 or suzette.mallum@northhomes.org

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Residential Referral Form