Targeted Case Management provides a community based, person centered, recovery based approach to services. Targeted Case Managers aim to meet clients where they are at, build rapport and promote stability and recovery. Targeted Case Management is a contracted service for Itasca County paid for by MA, IMCare, or county funds.

Targeted Case Management assists children with emotional disturbances (ED) and their families by accessing medical, social, education, vocational, financial and other needed mental health services.

TCM services include:

  • Developing Individual Family Community Support Plan (IFCSP)
  • Ensuring coordination of services
  • Monitoring and evaluating delivery of services

Additional Information

Child TCM Eligibility

  • Birth to 18 years
  • A Diagnostic Assessment by a Mental Health Professional recommending case management and the Diagnostic Assessment must be completed within the last 180 days
  • Approval by Itasca County Health and Human Services

Contact Information

To make a referral please contact:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 999-9908