Certifications: QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program)

The Itaskin Treatment Center and North Homes Cottage residential mental health treatment programs seek to provide trauma-informed care in a safe, therapeutic living environment for children diagnosed with a Serious Emotional Disability. The program is adaptive to meet the individual needs of each youth, based on their trauma and mental health screens at admission.

The Cottage – North Homes

Additional Information

Program components include but are not limited to: family integration and support, daily therapeutic groups, cultural education and activities, on-site education, and health screenings and interventions. Program staff work with youth and families to develop support systems, build skills, and prepare for a successful transition back to the community/home setting. The program also provides after care support upon discharge.

The residential mental health treatment programs are rooted in trauma-informed practices, acknowledging families and youth are doing the best they can with their current skill sets. Appreciating 7 and acknowledging how traumatic stress and experiences have shaped the lives of youth and families enables the programs to provide a person-centered, strength-based, and trauma-informed approach.

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To make a referral for the Residential Treatment Cottage, call

Grand Rapids Office (218) 327-3000