The North Homes Cottage provides both evaluation and short-term placement for youth 10—17 years of age.

Program components include but are not limited to: family integration and support, daily therapeutic groups, cultural education and activities, on-site education, and health screenings and interventions. Program staff work with youth and families to develop support systems, build skills, and prepare for a successful transition back to the community/home setting.

The residential mental health treatment programs are rooted in trauma-informed practices, acknowledging families and youth are doing the best they can with their current skill sets. Appreciating and acknowledging how traumatic stress and experiences have shaped the lives of youth and families enables the programs to provide a person-centered, strength-based, and trauma-informed approach.

The Cottage – North Homes

35 Day Evaluation Program

(Not QRTP Certified)

The 35 Day Evaluation Program is an assessment that provides families with recommendations and options made by professional, caring staff while giving immediate treatment. Areas of assessment and discharge recommendations may include: behavioral, psychological, Psychiatric, academic, family, recreation, and medical/mental health. Following the evaluation, youth and families are provided a recommendation for level of care needed. For youth 10—17 years of age.

Shelter and Stabilization Unit

(Not QRTP Certified)

The Shelter/Stabilization program provides a safe and structured short-term placement setting for youth 10—17 years of age. Typically, stays are for thirty days or less and placements are accepted for the following reasons: Neglect/abuse, status offense, minor delinquency offenses, diagnostic assessment, respite/time out, and youth awaiting long-term placement. Health screenings occur within 24 hours of admission by a registered nurse, and planning for stabilization begins with admission to address immediate concerns and to identify a plan for the youth at discharge.

Contact Information

To make a referral for the Residential Treatment Cottage, call

Grand Rapids Office (218) 327-3000