Grand Rapids, MN

Age Group: 16-21

Certifications: QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program)

Teens in Transition (TNT) is the oldest program at North Homes. TNT is a specialized group home with a primary focus on the skills needed to live independently. The program is a placement option for adolescent boys needing to develop independent living skills along with educational programming.

Additional Information

This program fills a gap in services for adolescents who will not be returning home at the end of placement or for other reasons needing to live independently. At the completion of the program residents will have gained the skills necessary for a successful transition into successful independent living.

Comprehensive programming focuses on skill development, mental health and counseling services, culture, transitional services, and more. Boys attend school, have on-site health screenings and interventions, and have access to other services as needed.

Contact Information

To make a referral to the Boy’s Teens in Transition, call:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 322-4132 or