Additional Information

35 Day Evaluation Program

(Not QRTP Certified)

A program within the Itaskin Treatment Center is our 35-day evaluation. This assessment provides families with recommendations and options made by professional, caring staff while giving immediate treatment. Areas of assessment and discharge recommendations may include: behavioral, psychological, Psychiatric, academic, family, recreation, and medical/mental health. Following the evaluation, youth and families are provided a recommendation for level of care needed.

Stabilization Unit

(Not QRTP Certified)
The Itaskin Shelter/Stabilization program provides a safe and structured short-term placement setting for adolescent boys and girls aged 12—18 years. Typically, stays are for thirty days or less and placements are accepted for the following reasons: Neglect/abuse, status offense, minor delinquency offenses, diagnostic assessment, respite/time out, and youth awaiting long-term placement. Health screenings occur within 24 hours of admission by a registered nurse, and planning for stabilization begins with admission to address immediate concerns and to identify a plan for the youth at discharge.

Contact Information

To make a referral or for more information, call:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 327-3000