The ITASKIN Center first opened in 2004 as a partnership between North Homes and Itasca County. Over the years, the ITASKIN Center has continued to expand its program offerings in order to be able to transition youth to the most appropriate, and least restrictive setting needed to support their mental health needs.

Currently, the ITASKIN Center is home to three separate Department of Human Service (DHS) programs.

Additional Information

35 Day Evaluation Program

The 35-Day Evaluation Program provides a comprehensive evaluation to children 11-18 years of age in a therapeutic setting. A multidisciplinary team works with each child to evaluate all areas relevant to the child’s wellbeing. At the conclusion of the evaluation period, each child will have specific treatment recommendations related to level of care to meet the child’s individual needs; including emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral.

‍The offered components of the evaluation include:

  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Academic Assessment
  • Health Assessment
  • Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  • Family History and Assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Recreation and Leisure Evaluation

Stabilization Unit

The ITASKIN Stabilization Unit provides a safe placement setting for youth, 11-18 years old. Upon admission each child receives a health screening by a registered nurse, a case manager to assist the family with additional options and direction, and a transition plan for stabilization and discharge.

‍Accepted placement reasons include:

  • Alternative to psychiatric hospitalization (when medically appropriate)
  • Personal/family crisis protection
  • Running away
  • High risk behaviors/self harm
  • Respite care
  • Truancy/summer school

Intensive Residential Treatment Program

Intensive residential treatment is meant for youth who are in need of a highly structured and supportive environment with access to 24-hour mental health services. Youth work on specific, individualized goals in a short-term setting. This is a thirteen bed program for youth who are 11-18 years old at the time of placement.

Program Components Include:

  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Family Assessment
  • Trauma-focused Care
  • Chemical dependency education
  • On-site schooling – ISD 318
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups
  • Medication Management
  • And access to other services

Contact Information

To make a referral or for more information, call:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 327-3000