North Homes is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to offer child foster care licensing and case management. Children and their families benefit from foster homes that are supportive, mentoring and caring. By providing children and adolescents in need with a nurturing family home, we are able to provide children the most appropriate setting to address their needs.

North Homes follows Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) practices. QPI is rooted in three principles: the prioritization of excellent parenting and meaningful relationships; the use of research; and putting those with lived experiences at the center of policy change.

Additionally, North Homes can work with relatives of children in foster care so that they can become licensed in providing foster care and/or adoption.

Professional Foster Care - This level of foster care is the primary level of foster care at North Homes Children & Family Services. The goal of this service is to work with families to reunite children with their biological parents and/or relatives.

Specialized Foster Care - This level of foster care is structured to meet the specific needs of children whose behaviors require additional skills and knowledge to provide positive and safe care. This level is designed for professional homes with additional training, specialty areas and expertise, and experience working with: youth who have sexually offended, teens who are pregnant, whole family placements, youth who exhibit arsonist behaviors, youth who pose a high risk of danger to themselves or others, EJJ referrals, and more.

Specialized Foster Care - Is typically determined or requested prior to placement but in some cases may be implemented due to a child failing in a lower level of care. Specialized foster care is designed as an alternative to a more restrictive residential placement option.

Foster Care with Medically Fragile Youth - Foster care for youth with medical conditions requiring specialized procedures or ongoing monitoring is another level of care available. The goal of this program is to promote the optimal physical and mental development for each child placed in care, regardless of disability.

Emergency Foster Care - This level of foster care is designed and established to handle immediate crisis placements 24/7. Specifically identified foster families are available to care for children who are in immediate need of a safe setting. This is a crisis shelter alternative for youth who can be safely cared for in a home/family setting.

Contact Information

For further information on becoming a foster provider or placing a foster child in one of our NHCFS foster homes, please call:

Bemidji (218) 751-0282

Grand Rapids (218) 327-3000

Duluth (218) 733-3000