Day Treatment is an intensive, on-site program that provides a broad range of therapeutic services designed to strengthen individual and family functioning. Each North Homes Children and Family Services Day Treatment sites offers an alternative, therapeutic school environment to children whose previous school performance has been limited by significant emotional, behavior and learning difficulties. Each site is a cooperative program between North Homes and the corresponding school district.

Additional Information

Daily services include 1 hour of group therapy and 2 hours of group skills training as well as phone contact with parents/caregivers. Individual and family skills trainings are provided based on individual needs. Youth continue to participate in school activities including presentations, pow-wows, awards, and recess. Emergency and crisis intervention are available as needed.

Day Treatment services are provided by a multidisciplinary team, under the clinical supervision of a mental health professional. Youth must have:

  1. a current diagnostic assessment;
  2. have a Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) diagnosis; and
  3. meet CTSS eligibility for Day Treatment Services.

Deer River - ISD #317

King Learning Center (KLC)

Available to children in grades K-5

Contact our Deer River office for more information: Toll Free (844) 466-3720

Grand Rapids - ISD #318

Southwest Elementary School

Available to children in grades K-4

Contact our Grand Rapids office for more information: (218) 999-9908

Robert J. Elkington Middle School

Available to children in grades 5-8

Contact our Grand Rapids office for more information: (218) 999-9908