There are over 900 youth looking for their forever home. Let us help you find a home for children in need.

Meet our Child-Specific Recruiters, Emily and Chad.  They have a combined nine years of CSR experience.  Emily is based in our Duluth office, and Chad is in our Bemidji office.  We work with youth in the Metro and northern Minnesota.  We are passionate about what we do and would love to help find a forever home for eligible youth.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at the numbers provided below or click the link to make a referral.

What is Child-Specific Recruitment (CSR)

North Homes can provide child-specific recruitment (CSR) services to find a permanency option for a specific youth or sibling group in foster care. Child-specific recruitment services are free and may be used once a county or Tribal social service agency has exhausted routine activity efforts. Through this process, our recruiter actively works with the youth’s treatment team and involves the youth when developmentally appropriate. Child-specific recruitment services are available for youth under State or Tribal guardianship, ages 6 to 18, and sibling groups being placed together where the oldest youth is age 6 or older. These services may be extended to youth, ages 18 to 21, provided that PPAI recruitment services began prior to the youth’s 18th birthday, and the youth remained in foster care.

Recruitment Activities may include:

  • Presentation at North Homes Adoption and Foster Care staff meetings.
  • Presentation of children via email on statewide adoption listserve
  • Presentation at various adoption matching events
  • Referral for Heart Gallery photoshoot
  • Referral to Real Hope.
  • Develop a Lifebook
  • Participation in recruitment events.
  • Matching with a mentor
  • Identification of important people from youth's past, and exploration of their potential to be adoptive resources.

All information shared on youth will be individually determined per the permanency team. 


Minnesota Waiting Program

Serving adoptive, kinship, and foster families by providing information, resources, education, public awareness, and support in an effort to find stable and permanent homes for Minnesota’s Waiting Children.



Youth Spotlight

Check out a few special youth Noth Homes knows well who are looking for their forever home.


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North Homes Adoption Service

Learn more about North Homes's adoption services.



The Reel Hope Project

Our goal is to make a video for every child in Minnesota who is waiting to be adopted. We receive referrals to make videos for children who need adoptive families.


Post-adoption Services

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North Homes Children and Family Services offer case management services to families who have adopted a child.  Post-adoption services are designed to alleviate crisis, stabilize a child and family, and equip families with tools to prevent further crisis.  We will provide post-adoption services to families that have adopted children under the guardianship of the commissioner or children who were wards of tribal court in the State of MN.  If you are in need of this service or would like more information, please contact our office, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Bemidji (218) 751-0282

Grand Rapids (218) 327-3000

Duluth (218) 733-3000