Targeted Case Management provides a community based, person centered, recovery based approach to services. Targeted Case Managers aim to meet clients where they are at, build rapport and promote stability and recovery. Targeted Case Management is a contracted service for Itasca County paid for by MA, IMCare, or county funds.

Adult Mental Health Targeted Case Managers help individuals with mental health recovery and achievement of life goals. Case managers advocate, assist, monitor and support.

Activities and services of case management include:

  • Developing an individualized person- centered support plan
  • Connecting to needed mental health and other services such as: medical, social, educational, vocational, residential and more
  • Coordination and monitoring of services

Additional Information


  • 18 years or older
  • Diagnostic Assessment completed by a Mental Health Professional indicating a serious and persistent mental illness. Diagnostic Assessment must be completed within the last 180 days
  • Approval by Itasca County Health and Human Services
  • Adolescent who has received children’s case management and is within 90 days of turning 18 or upon turning 18 seeks adult case management services

Contact Information

To make a referral please contact:

Grand Rapids Office (218) 999-9908