Since 1998, North Homes has successfully provided adoption services for children from birth to age 17, under State or Tribal guardianship.

As a Public Private Adoption Initiative (PPAI) agency, North Homes focuses on the placement of children 12 and older. Grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services allows North Homes to offer, at virtually no cost, adoptive placement and child specific services to Minnesota children and families through the Minnesota Waiting Program.

Additional Information

Minnesota Waiting Program

Minnesota Waiting Children are under State or Tribal guardianship, and North Homes goal is to match older children and sibling groups with permanent, loving families. Minnesota Waiting Children qualify for financial assistance after adoption finalization which may include a monthly payment and Medical Assistance benefits.

Families wanting to pursue Minnesota Waiting Children are required to be licensed for foster care and must complete a 16-hour Pre-Adopt training prior to beginning the adoption process. North Homes is here to support families by providing agency orientation and match and placement education throughout their adoption journey. Post adoption services are available, if they are needed.


Minnesota Waiting Kids

Serveing adoptive, kinship, and foster families by providing information, resources, education, public awareness, and support in an effort to find stable and permanent homes for Minnesota’s Waiting Children.



Meet Our Waiting Kids

View our list of children looking for their forever home.



The Reel Hope Project

Our goal is to make a video for every child in Minnesota who is waiting to be adopted. We receive referrals to make videos for children who need adoptive families.


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