Current Foster Care and Adoption Programs

Foster Care Services

Providing services to support children in foster care and their foster families.

Adoption Services

Adoptive placement services.

Child Specific Recruitment

Child-specific adoption services.

At North Home Children and Family Services, we are working tirelessly to serve Minnesota families.  Our foster care services offer a safe and nurturing environment for children who can't live with their biological families, providing them with love, support, and stability while their birth families address the challenges they face.  We also facilitate the adoption process, ensuring that children find permanent and loving homes through thorough assessments, counseling, and legal procedures.  Additionally, our child-specific recruitment approach aims to find unique matches between children in foster care and adoptive families who can meet their specific needs, utilizing targeted strategies and collaborating with specialized adoption agencies and community partners.

Foster care services provide temporary homes and care for children who are unable to live with their biological families due to various reasons, such as abuse, neglect, or parental challenges. Foster care aims to provide a safe, nurturing, and stable environment for these children while their birth families work towards resolving the issues that led to their placement. Foster care families, also known as foster parents, open their hearts and homes to these children, offering love, support, and guidance during their time in foster care. Foster care services not only ensure the child's physical needs are met but also focus on their emotional well-being and development. The ultimate goal is to reunite the child with their birth family whenever possible, or if reunification is not possible, to find a permanent and loving home through adoption

Adoption services facilitate the legal and emotional processes involved in establishing a permanent and legal relationship between a child and adoptive parents. Adoption provides a forever home to children who cannot be reunited with their birth families. Adoption can occur domestically or internationally, and it involves thorough assessments, home studies, counseling, and legal procedures to ensure the suitability and readiness of prospective adoptive parents. Adoption services work closely with adoptive families, birth families, and the child to ensure that the adoption process is respectful, sensitive, and in the best interest of the child. These services guide families through the various adoption options, requirements, and post-adoption support to ensure a smooth transition and lifelong support for the child and the adoptive family

Child-specific recruitment is a proactive approach to finding permanent homes for children in foster care who may have specific needs, challenges, or circumstances that require a unique match with potential adoptive families. This recruitment process involves gathering detailed information about the child's background, interests, and needs, and then actively searching for adoptive families who possess the necessary skills, resources, and understanding to meet those specific needs. Child-specific recruitment utilizes targeted strategies such as engaging with specialized adoption agencies, utilizing online platforms, organizing adoption events, and collaborating with community partners to find suitable adoptive families who can provide a loving and supportive home for these children. The goal is to identify and connect children in foster care with families who can meet their unique needs and provide them with a forever home

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Foster Care/Adoption Licensing Inquiry

To inquire about becoming a licensed provider.

Child Foster Care/Adoption Referral Form

To refer a child or sibling set for foster care/adoption.

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