Jordyn (Nadilynn)


Jordyn enjoys drawing people, watching Anime, and reading fantasy novels.  Jordyn’s favorite food is pizza, and enjoys peach Snapple ice tea.  Religion is not important to Jordyn but respects others’ views.  Jordyn enjoys pets, especially cats, and would like to have more pets in his forever home.  Jordyn has aspirations of becoming an archeologist or photographer in the future.  Jordyn is more introverted and enjoys time alone but also enjoys spending time with friends.  After adoption, Jordyn will need to stay in contact with his siblings.  Jordyn would like a family that is open and accepting.  Jordyn is open to living in the country or a city.  Jordyn would like a somewhat active family that likes to play board games, watch movies and go on vacations.  Jordyn would like to have pets and other children in the home.


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Meet Jordyn (Nadilynn)