Lillianna (Val)

Lillianna, who prefers to go by Val (14), is a spunky teen who enjoys fashion, anime and manga, and playing Just Dance. Many adults in Val’s life have described them as kind, caring and insightful. Val is self proclaimed to be more of a home-body than an outdoorsy person, but they have enjoyed spending time at cabins and lakes during the summer months. Val has goals of getting into modeling and traveling the world. They are hopeful about finding a forever family that will support them in all aspects of their life and identity.

A family for Val should be willing and able to accept LGBTQ+ youth, as Val continues to explore their identity, gender and pronouns. Val would love to live with a family who can provide them with new experiences. Val’s Team is open to exploring what their forever family would look like whether it be a single parent household, two-parent household, or same sex couple. Val’s only preferences are to be the youngest child living in the home and to not live on a farm. Families should be trauma informed and comfortable with parenting youth who have mild to moderate mental health needs.