Kiara & Kalina

Kiara (left) and Kalina (right) are a sibling group who are excited to find their forever family through adoption.

Kiara (16) is an out-going and easy-going young lady with a great sense of humor. Kiara is adventurous and loves trying new things. She loves going on shopping sprees and getting her nails done. Kiara has recently begun learning Spanish to connect with her Hispanic heritage. Kiara is excited to work towards goals she has set for herself including getting her permit, securing a job and pursuing volunteer opportunities in her community.

Kalina (13) is funny, out-going an open minded. Kalina describes herself as loyal, trustworthy and extroverted. She enjoys spending time with family, going on excursions and doing hair and make-up. Some of her favorite places to go are Target and Chipotle! Kalina is interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology or dentistry after high-school.

Kiara and Kalina would do best with a 2 parent household where they are the only or oldest children in the home. They are very open minded about what their forever family will look like, but have expressed a preference for bi-racial families living in the Metro area. An ideal family for Kiara and Kalina will be patient, understanding, and feel comfortable accessing services for their needs across multiple settings. Kiara and Kalina have significant relationships with biological family members, so a prospective home should be open to helping them facilitate these relationships while maintaining healthy boundaries. Permanency options who would be open to matching with one or both of the girls are being explored at this time.