Aubrynn (13) is a very laid-back, caring and helpful young woman. She can be reserved when you are getting to know her, but once she opens up, she has a great sense of humor, and has the most fun and contagious laugh. Aubrynn is also very artistic and creative, and has enjoyed going to art camps in the summer. She describes herself as more of a homebody, but also enjoys getting outside and riding her bike.  Aubrynn is very excited and open about the permanency process and finding her forever home!

An ideal family for Aubrynn would be able to provide consistency, stability and routine. Prospective families should feel comfortable accessing outside services and advocating for her needs across programmatic settings. She is currently the only child in her current placement, and has expressed that she really wants siblings who are similar in age to her if possible, as she has said being the only child can get boring. A family who is willing to involve Aubrynn in activities and get her out of her comfort zone will be important. There is no preference for location, although Aubrynn does have relatives out of state who she will need to maintain contact with following permanency.